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Funny Questions To Ask

Many a times, we find ourselves not being able to answer some questions. Why? Not because they can’t be answered, nor because they are rhetorical, but because they sound just too hilarious that we do not know what answer to give or rather give a thought about it before they can be answered. Some of these funny questions to ask turns out that way due to the humor behind it, sometimes the use of tense, or the tone with which it was asked, or the situation in which it was asked.

Also, meeting someone for the first time most importantly a lady and not knowing how to get the conversation going can be embarrassing sometimes.You can read questions to ask a girl to avoid such embarrassing moment. It feels good to know how to start but not knowing how to keep it going might not turn out well.  So asking a few funny questions can get the other person in a good mood and also to be responsive.

For instance, my phone rings and I pick, the next question I hear from the other end is – “Are you sleeping?” , then in my mind I answer- “No, I’m not. I’m talking from my sleep.” Or I suddenly walk up to a friend and ask, “Do you want to be a leader or a follower?”

Another funny question to ask can be- “Do you have a bathroom?” That’s a really funny question to ask. Who would not have a bathroom? Oops! I just asked another funny question.

Conversations need to be enjoyable. Some of these funny questions to ask will even lead to deeper conversations and you should of course shoot deep questions. Regardless of how serious one might get, a little bit of humor is needed to make the other person laugh. So, here are lists of some funny questions to ask that can give you a lasting smile for the rest of the day!

Funny Questions To Ask

  1. What is the most useless talent you have?
  2. Where is the worst smelling place you’ve been?
  3. Is there yoke in an egg? [This question can be used especially in situations where a conversation is starting to get boring]
  4. What is the capital of the world?
  5. What is a frying pan used for?
  6. What’s a body part that you won’t mind losing?
  7. Do you know your heritage?
  8. Ugly and live forever, or look attractive and die in a year?
  9. How do you start a conversation?
  10. What question do you hate to answer?
  11. Where is my phone? [When it’s right in your hand]
  12. What did I say last? [And the answer you hear is – LAST!]
  13. You can erase any horrible experiences from your past. What will it be?
  14. What is your favorite day of the year? [This can be a really funny question to ask when it’s just seven days in a week! But I bet if it’s someone with a very good humor, you can get a response other than having seven days in a week, maybe the most memorable day in that year]
  15. What’s an umbrella used for?
  16. Give me the remote. And you ask- “What is it used for?”
  17. What’s a condom used for? [As gloves dear!]
  18. Is there the word ‘dictionary’ in the dictionary?
  19. If money doesn’t grow on trees, then why do banks have many branches?
  20. Are you awake? [No, I’m talking to you from heaven]

funny questions to ask

In other cases, as much as we try to make the conversation enjoyable, or make a humor out of it, or even when the conversation is a serious one, we often end up making up unpleasant but funny questions. One of my colleagues was talking to another colleague who is bald and the next thing I heard was- “How come you have so much hair on your head?” you should have seen the look on the guy’s face at first before he later laughed about it. Was watching a show on TV where people on the streets were being thrown some really unpleasant funny questions to ask and there were too much hilarious reactions and answers, the one that really got me was; “What animal are you? “ How do you wear your pants?” Here are a few other unpleasant but funny questions to ask.

Pleasant Funny Questions To Ask

  1. I am single but I have two kids. And the next question you hear is – “Do unmarried people have children?
  2. Your shirt is nice, is it yours? [No, I stole it]
  3. Are you a baby?
  4. Are you sure you attended a basic school? [Funny question to ask! No, I skipped it]
  5. I’ve never a set of teeth so white, how do you manage to maintain a black set of teeth?
  6. You have a very nice nose but why is it so black and pointed?

Yet there are other funny questions to ask that we can’t just help but give an opposite response, or not even have an answer to such questions. All you do is just laugh it off. People generally have a way of bringing up funny questions to ask, which can be annoying to ask and at the same time ridiculous.

For example you can see clearly for yourselves when you see two identical people of the same age and yet you ask, “Are you twins?” [No, they are not. It’s Photoshop]. You see a sick person throwing up and yet you ask, “Are you vomiting?” I bet the person will give you a hostile look and the next thing you will hear is, “No, I’m not vomiting. I’m just practicing how to vomit. Below are other funny questions to ask that are common in everyday situations:

Common Funny Questions To Ask

  1. What if the girl that thinks I’m the dad isn’t the mom?
  2. What is the right age to start teaching my dog about sex?
  3. How can I lose weight without moving?
  4. Why is my sperm so powerful? [Lol! Did I just type that?]
  5. You are in a queue at the cinema to buy ticket; a friend sees you and asks, “What are you doing here?” [Answer- I came to pay school fees…lol]
  6. You are standing in front of the elevator on the ground floor going to your office, and someone still asks, “Are you going up?” [I will just answer – No, I’m waiting for my office to come down to meet me!]
  7. When it’s raining and someone notice you are going out and yet ask, “are you going out in the rain?” [No, in the next one]
  8. A friend walks in and finds you eating and still asks, “Are you eating?” [I would just say, “No, I’m preparing bomb to commit suicide! Lol]
  9. You see someone dressed in school uniforms and yet you ask, “Are you going to school?” [No, I’m going for a wedding party]
  10. You walk in and find me eating noodles and then you ask, “Is this noodles?” [No, it’s certainly not. It’s fried rubber band!]
  11. You see me after a long time and ask, “Is that you?” [No, my grandmother when she was my age!]
  12. This is a very funny question to ask when you cut yourself and someone asks, ”Why did you cut yourself?” [To reduce the blood in the body!]
  13. Are you stupid? [there isn’t usually an answer to this question, but mind you, this can definitely provoke laughter or anger depending on the situation]
  14. How can I retrieve my contacts? My SIM card just fell inside water. [ Funny question to ask! Just go inside the water and pick up your contacts!]
  15. Why doesn’t the earth fall down?
  16. If a doctor suddenly has a heart attack while performing a surgery, would the other doctors work on the patient or the doctors?
  17. How can someone be dirt poor, and another be filthy rich? [Very thoughtful but funny question to ask]
  18. Do you yawn in your sleep?
  19. Can you cry under water?
  20. Can your tongue touch your lips?
  21. If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?
  22. If you try to fail, and succeed, which one have you done?

Perhaps you have a funny question we do not have on our list,Kindly drop them in the comment box and we will be glad to add them. Thanks

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